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Watch Auctions & Restore Snipes

Thanks to all of you that requested these new features. While some of you have stumbled upon both of these over the last few weeks, we figured we would let everyone know about them and how to use them.

Watching Auctions is only available to paying customers. See the  within your account, to make a purchase!

Watch an Auction - When adding or editing an auction item, select the Watch tab and click the Save button. That's it! The item will be added to your account, all item information will be updated regularly and NO bid will be placed. If you want to snipe that item, just click the Edit button, select the Snipe tab, enter your Max Bid and click the Save button.

Restore Cancelled Snipe - To restore a snipe, click on the Restore button from the auction list under the All Auctions page . Any item that has been cancelled and where the finish date is greater than now, can be restored.

We are really excited for everyone to give them a try. Feedback is always appreciated!

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